What Leadership Tune Are You Playing?

Recently a friend of mine asked me, "How do you define leadership?" A very simple question, right? Well, as much as I think about and am passionate about leadership, I found myself having difficulty putting into words what leadership really means. It was a little embarrassing, actually. I had to give my friend the old, "let … Continue reading What Leadership Tune Are You Playing?


The Missing Rearview Mirror

I believe in having mentors. During the day, at random times and in various situations, I will be reminded of something that a mentor has impressed upon me at some point in my life. These "snapshots" will often help me think through how to handle a particular situation or struggle that I am going through. … Continue reading The Missing Rearview Mirror

Being great at everything…

As gratifying and enjoyable as leadership can be, it can also be mentally and emotionally taxing. Bearing the responsibility of others, a department or even an entire organization is not without its side effects. Because of the stress often involved in leadership, many new leaders - as well as experienced ones - can experience burnout. And while there are … Continue reading Being great at everything…