“You ain’t that good…”

When you are in leadership, one of the greatest goals is to get the most out of your team or organization. Oftentimes, we as leaders get frustrated when members of the team aren't meeting our expectations. The truth is that sometimes this frustration is a direct result of an individual not being as "good" as … Continue reading “You ain’t that good…”


The “cycle” of leadership

I was in a local restaurant recently and a man came up to me and said, "I recognize you from early mornings at the gym. You're an inspiration!" For the record, I'm definitely not the muscle bound, Mr. Olympia type, and I certainly couldn't recall anything inspiring about my 5 AM trips to the gym. … Continue reading The “cycle” of leadership

The Secret Ingredient…

Everyone defines success differently, but I can't think of anyone I know in business that just wishes they would crash and burn. Naturally, businesses and organizations want to succeed. Success is sweet. Many will go to great lengths and take on detailed initiatives to help them grow and improve. Some examples include: lowering prices, customer … Continue reading The Secret Ingredient…