Power vs. Leadership

Do not confuse power with leadership. They do different things and speak two very different languages... Power says, "I must be in control of everything." Leadership asks, "How can I teach others how to lead as well?" Power says, "we are going to get this done because it will make me look good." Leadership says, … Continue reading Power vs. Leadership


Customer Service Lessons From A Doughnut Drive Through

I recently went through the drive-through of a doughnut franchise in our community. While I will not mention the name of the company, I will tell you they provided me with a great teachable moment to share regarding customer service. On this day, I pulled up to the drive-through menu board to place the order … Continue reading Customer Service Lessons From A Doughnut Drive Through

How To Be The Best

It seems businesses and organizations are always on the hunt to get the best and brightest talent out there; the “crème de la crème.” Meanwhile, prospects are padding resumes with degrees and certifications, using descriptors like, “self-motivated” and “expert,” to show why they deserve top billing. Accolades and accomplishments can certainly be appealing and may … Continue reading How To Be The Best

Dear Business Leader…

Dear Business Leader, I have had numerous conversations with some of your employees who are frustrated with your company's lack of service toward the customer. These individuals have usually been highly motivated and excellent workers who understand that the customer is the lifeline of the business. They understand that if customers are not happy, they … Continue reading Dear Business Leader…