Being great at everything…

As gratifying and enjoyable as leadership can be, it can also be mentally and emotionally taxing. Bearing the responsibility of others, a department or even an entire organization is not without its side effects. Because of the stress often involved in leadership, many new leaders - as well as experienced ones - can experience burnout. And while there are … Continue reading Being great at everything…


Leaders, develop your people!

Sometimes when talking to other managers and leaders of businesses, they will say things like, "I can't get my employees to do anything," or "they don't listen to a word I say!" When I hear phrases like this, my first thought is: There's a leadership issue here... Sure, there are employees and team members out there that seem … Continue reading Leaders, develop your people!

Are you too busy “teaching” to learn?

With many leadership blogs like this one, the authors are trying to bestow some knowledge to the audience. We are trying to teach others how to be better leaders. Truth be told, most of the knowledge we have we either learned the hard way by making mistakes, or we learned from someone else. The knowledge gained from … Continue reading Are you too busy “teaching” to learn?