Power vs. Leadership

Do not confuse power with leadership. They do different things and speak two very different languages…

Power says, “I must be in control of everything.”

Leadership asks, “How can I teach others how to lead as well?”

Power says, “we are going to get this done because it will make me look good.”

Leadership says, “we will accomplish this together as a team, and then we will celebrate as a team.”

Power says, “I will use people up emotionally and physically to accomplish what I want.”

Leadership says, “let’s all put in the work together… here, I’ll set the example of how…”

Power says, “My personal gain is the most important thing.”

Leadership asks, “How can I make others successful?”

Power boasts in itself.

Leadership boasts in others.

Power goes first.

Leaders go last.

Power says, “how can you help me?”

Leadership asks, “how can I help you?”

Power gains notoriety at all costs.

Leadership serves others at all costs.

Which will you pursue?



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