“You ain’t that good…”

When you are in leadership, one of the greatest goals is to get the most out of your team or organization. Oftentimes, we as leaders get frustrated when members of the team aren’t meeting our expectations. The truth is that sometimes this frustration is a direct result of an individual not being as “good” as we are at a particular assignment or task. Leaders must realize that not everyone has the same skillset. To put it bluntly, everyone is not just like you! Part of the challenge of building a great team is plugging people into what their strengths are. If “Bill” is a computer and technical genius, but breaks into a cold sweat and stares at the floor when people speak to him, do you want him standing at the front door of your business greeting customers? No! And neither does he! Some people have more overall skills than others, but EVERYONE is good at something. Set “Bill” up for success by plugging him in where he is strongest. This type of “plugging in” is extremely important to the teamwork and overall success of your organization. I believe the secret to making this happen begins with the leader. And moreover, humility is a crucial part of effective leadership. The leader must realize that he/she is NOT good at everything. That’s right leaders, you are not God’s gift to the world. Someone in your business or organization is better than you at something. Most likely, many people in your organization are better than you at lots of things! So begin to realize others strengths by first doing a self-inventory of your own weaknesses. Then you will be able to more effectively build a great team where members will be able to work within their strengths and work together to accomplish great things!


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