The Ultimate Leader

Christmas time for me is such a great time to reflect on how important I am… Don’t adjust your computer screen… I am a very important person… and so are each and every one of you. I know this because I believe that Jesus came to this earth, God in the flesh, and laid down his life for me and for all of you. We are not important becausewe say so, we are important because God said so. I often talk about how leaders should not be above any job… That they should set the example in all things… that they should be servant leaders. The name of this blog is: Leader Meter, How Do You Measure Up? The truth is that the original premise behind this blog is that Christ is my standard of measurement. He is the one I want to be like. No, I could never measure up to His perfection and His love and his sacrificial giving of Himself, but what a great way to measure my progress. I want to love others like He does. I want to lead humbly as He did. I want to be a giver as He is. The fact that He would leave Heaven and come down and give up His life for you and I makes no sense whatsoever. In business, that deal never gets made. He had nothing to gain… I had nothing to offer. But God is rich in mercy in ways we cannot fathom and I am so thankful that He loved me enough to come and save me from my sin and myself, and through faith in Him, provide a way for me to be with Him forever one day. I hope this Christmas, as you are opening gifts and enjoying time with family, that you reflect on how important you are… important to Him, The Ultimate Leader! Merry Christmas!


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