The Secret Ingredient…

Everyone defines success differently, but I can’t think of anyone I know in business that just wishes they would crash and burn. Naturally, businesses and organizations want to succeed. Success is sweet. Many will go to great lengths and take on detailed initiatives to help them grow and improve. Some examples include: lowering prices, customer service training, improved technologies, etc. While all of these can be excellent ways to become more efficient and profitable, the “secret ingredient” is sometimes lacking… GREAT PEOPLE. I have come to believe that the most important ingredient to having a successful business, team or organization is finding and implementing quality people. This does not have to be rocket science, but can often involve extensive interviewing and careful thought prior to hiring. It’s amazing what a motivated, team-oriented and hard-working individual can contribute in working towards organizational success. On the other hand, a lazy, selfish, and/or discontented individual can quickly infect even the best of employees and completely change a positive environment to one of negativity and under-achievement. So, when cooking up the next batch of success, be sure to add the secret ingredient… it will make it that much sweeter.


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