It’s More Fun To Share…

I’ve been blessed in my life to have a handful of great mentors and individuals who have modeled leadership qualities for me. The great thing about these individuals is they didn’t/don’t realize they are great individuals. Some are still living and some have passed on. They are humble, unassuming and always willing to share lessons they have learned “along the way.” But part of what attracted me to these individuals in the first place was the fact that they never tried to “cram” their wealth of wisdom down my throat. They didn’t try to “sell” me on how smart they were. They just quietly lived it, and when asked, were willing to share it. I’m drawn to people like that. They have knowledge that I need and want in my life. In difficult situations or even just a quiet moment, I often find myself wondering, “What would ‘mentor’s name‘ do in this situation? When I was younger I often found myself wanting to use these great sources of wisdom and knowledge to gain some sort of advantage over others. Over time, I realized the selfishness of this type of thinking. What a waste of valuable lessons! so I urge you to seek out individuals in your life who live out their convictions and display humility despite their wisdom. These are the people you want to surround yourself with. Soak up all you can from them. But don’t keep all the goods to yourself! You will never fully enjoy the satisfaction of learning leadership lessons and gaining valuable insight until you are able to share what you’ve learned with others. After all, it’s more fun to share!


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