I’m a “team-first” leader… right?

I have learned that not everyone is a team player. If asked, just about everyone will tell you they are (especially in interview room). However, we live in a society of "getting what's mine..." and "looking out for number one..." After all, we are selfish by nature, right? Certainly, many business owners, leaders and CEOs … Continue reading I’m a “team-first” leader… right?


Forgotten Phrase…

There is a two-word, eight-letter phrase that is often forgotten by leaders and/or employers in many organizations and businesses. It's the phrase, "Thank you." This can be especially tough to say for employers and leaders who are constantly and diligently grinding out positive results day after day. Often this is simply because they are good … Continue reading Forgotten Phrase…

Make Your Life Easier… The Hard Way

Maybe you've heard other leaders and/or employers say this (maybe you've even said it yourself): "I just want somebody working for me who will make my life easier..." Ah, and who wouldn't? The key is how do you accomplish this? I have often found that the best way to do this also takes the most … Continue reading Make Your Life Easier… The Hard Way