Setting The Tone… 7 Tough Questions Every Leader Should Ask

There is one inevitable result of leadership. It doesn’t matter whether you are a good leader, a great leader or a lousy leader… YOU set the tone for your staff, business or organization. I’ve heard many managers and/or leaders talk negatively about those that work under them or above them. I have done it. There’s nothing that sheds a little light on that like taking a long look in the mirror. More leaders should ask themselves a few tough questions and be grown-up enough to answer them honestly:

1. What am I doing that could be causing this behavior amongst my staff/employees?

2. Do I have a lousy attitude?

3. Do I treat others with respect and the way that I would myself would want to be treated?

4. Do I set the example of how to get a task/job done in an excellent manner or do I constantly make excuses for my own shortcomings?

5. Am I encouraging and inspiring others to be better than they are or thought they could be?

6. Do I want to be a better leader?

7. If the problem is truly not me, why have I not dealt with the problem or behavior in question?

As you can see, leadership is not for sissies. If the problem is not a result of a leader setting a poor example, it’s often a result of the leader not correcting the improper habits/behaviors of those under them.

True leadership requires one to recognize the responsibilities that the position demands. The weight can be heavy. It can be one of the loneliest jobs. But, it can also be the most rewarding when you see your team or staff working together to accomplish great things. The success of it all comes down to you as the leader.

What is the mirror showing you?

What kind of tone are you setting for your team?


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