Pay Attention to the Truckers…

When it comes to interstate traffic, the truckers are always in the know.  I found this out as a teenager when I purchased a CB radio for my car.  I enjoyed taking road trips to visit friends, so a CB radio seemed like a great thing to have on the trip.  Looking back, the CB radio was great.  The fact that I installed it in my bright red, Chevy Cavalier… well, let’s just say it didn’t exactly fit the ride.  But, I learned some things while riding on the interstate listening to that CB radio.  I had noticed that when traffic was bad, due to an accident, road construction, etc., that the big, slow 18-wheelers always seemed to be in the correct lane to get where they needed to go before everyone else.  The impatient drivers that constantly changed lanes, guessing which would be the best one, typically came in last place.  So, I started getting in the lanes the truckers were in because I knew they would lead me correctly. You see, the truckers had some things going for them that I didn’t realize until I got that CB radio.  First of all, they had a better view of the highway.  Because they were much higher up than my red Cavalier, they could see much farther down the road than I could.  Secondly, they communicated with those ahead of them via CB radio about where the traffic was originating from and what lane to be in to get through it the fastest.  There is a great life lesson here.  I am learning that on the interstate of life, there are some “truckers” who just seem to have many of the answers for the situations that I go through and/or are dealing with currently. These folks have a much better view of the “road” because they’ve been there already.  Many times they are older and wiser individuals. They’ve seen the pitfalls of certain actions.  They’ve seen what works and what may not.  They have wisdom from experiences that I don’t have.  They’ve paved the road for me.  My responsibility?  Pick up the CB and listen.


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